We have re-opened our doors to you
We've painted, fixed, deep-cleaned and sanitized everything because your health and safety is
at the centre of all we do. 
However it doesn't stop when we open every morning!
Our six-point safety plan is devised to uphold the high level of trust that you have in us when visiting Play Abby.
Along with a lowered capacity 48 guests, here is our Six Point Safety Plan...

Additional soap is present in all washrooms along with reminders to wash hands often.

While public face coverings are encouraged, our team members are required to wear face shields. Gloves are required for team members that are physically assisting guests.

Although our cleaning protocols have always been important, we have increased the amount of routine cleaning, with a focus on sanitizing high-touch surfaces in all areas. We are also closing for an hour in the middle of the day to for a deeper sanitation by our team.

Implementing a 2-metre physical distancing policy is tough in our industry. We have floor signage at our entrances and seating areas are placed 2-metres apart. We ask our guests to understand the complexity of this policy and to assist us where possible. 

Employee protocols are put in place including screening questions and training programs on health and safety protocols. We ask guests to stay at home if they have signs of any illness or have knowingly been around a sick person. If anyone, staff or guest, shows signs of sickness they will be asked to leave immediately and we will promptly close our centre.

Additional hand sanitization stations have been installed in guest areas.

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