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4 Tips to Bring Storytime Into Your Home

Updated: Mar 5

In the midst of our crazy, techy world, let's dive into a classic that never goes out of style – reading with your kiddos at home! There are countless reasons we should foster a strong habit of reading in children. Beyond the enchantment of storytelling, this shared activity plays a pivotal role in shaping their cognitive and emotional development. Moreover, children who read or are read to for just 20 minutes a day achieve scores in the top 10% of their classes in standardized tests. 

When you model reading skills, demonstrate the joy of exploring words, and unravel narratives, you instill a sense of curiosity and a love for language. You’re also fostering confidence in reading out loud and empowering your children to express themselves fluently, honing communication skills that extend far beyond the pages of a book. As they witness your enthusiasm for reading, they not only absorb language and vocabulary but also internalize the value of literacy. In this way, reading together becomes a powerful bonding experience, setting the stage for a future where books are not just a source of knowledge but lifelong companions on the journey of self-discovery.

Every week at Play Abby, we invite our guests to join for a morning Storytime Experience! Our enthusiastic team member leads the group in stretches, rhymes, ASL lessons, and of course, reads stories! You may be thinking, I love stories but there are so many distractions at home and I don't have the same skills to perform like you. How can I incorporate this fun experience while also keeping my kids engaged and focused for storytime at home? Follow along for some tips and tricks we’ve learned from our many years of storytelling so you can be a successful storyteller too!

1. Lock in a Reading Ritual

First things first – consistency rocks! Find a sweet spot in your daily chaos, whether it's bedtime, breakfast, or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Having a reading routine adds a dash of anticipation and turns a regular activity into something special.

2. Keep it Dynamic!

Adding in playful stretches and rhyming songs before the main event helps get the jitters out for a calm and focused storytime. Stay tuned for a post about our Storytime Rhyme and creative stretching routines!

3. Get Your Voice Acting On!

Who said reading has to be serious? Not us! Give those story characters a voice of their own! Growl like a monster, twirl a high-pitched fairy voice, or unleash your inner wise old owl. Your kids will be glued to the tale, waiting for your next vocal masterpiece. 

4. Make It a Team Effort

Make storytime full of inquiry! Ask questions, make predictions, toss in ideas and plot twists! It's not just a story; it's a full-on interactive adventure where everyone's in on the action.

So there you have it – reading time is not just about books; it's about fostering strong bonds and creating space for exploration. Spice it up with songs, funky voices, and a sprinkle of silliness. Grab a book, let your imagination go wild, and join us every week for our Storytime Experience! Check out our Facebook or Instagram to stay informed on our next Storytime day at Play Abby!

Happy reading!


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