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Beyond Supermom: Supporting Moms in Managing the Mental Load

As Mother's Day approaches (Sunday, May 12th, 2024, *wink wink*), it's the perfect time to reflect on the tireless efforts of the amazing moms in our lives. They do everything for us, from meal planning and scheduling appointments to remembering birthdays and organizing family activities. This Mother’s day we can help do some chores and make her a nice meal for the day, but there’s more that we can do to help lessen her load. We can lighten her mental load!

What exactly is mental load? It’s the unseen burden of managing numerous tasks, responsibilities, and decisions, which can weigh heavily on a person's mind. Yes, we can go get the groceries, but who makes the list? Yes, we can drive the kids to their sports games, but who scheduled and planned their activities? 

So what are some ways we can help lessen their mental load?

Make the Mental Load Tangible:

One of the most significant challenges of the mental load is that it's often invisible to those around us. To help Mom lighten her load, consider making a tangible list of tasks and responsibilities. This way, family members can see exactly what needs to be done without Mom having to constantly delegate. From meal planning and creating grocery lists, to organizing appointments and events, having a visual reminder can encourage everyone to pitch in and help without needing to ask questions.

Delegate and Let Go:

It's essential for Mom to realize that she doesn't have to do it all herself. Delegate tasks to other family members and trust them to complete the tasks without needing constant supervision. Whether it's assigning chores to the kids or asking your partner to handle certain responsibilities, sharing the workload can significantly reduce Mom's stress and free up valuable time for self-care.

Set Boundaries:

As much as Mom wants to be everything to everyone, it's crucial for her to set boundaries and prioritize her well-being. Encourage Mom to say no to unnecessary commitments and obligations that add to her mental load. Whether it's saying no to requests or setting limits on how much she can do, saying no allows Mom to focus on what truly matters and conserve her energy for the things she enjoys.

Help Mom Prioritize Self-Care:

Mom often puts her needs last on the list, but it's essential to remind her that self-care is not selfish—it's necessary. This Mother's Day, give Mom the gift of a day off filled with activities she's been meaning to do for herself. Whether it's indulging in a spa day, catching up on her favourite book, or simply enjoying a quiet walk in nature, encourage Mom to prioritize her own well-being and recharge her batteries! The greatest gift we can give Mom is our understanding, appreciation, and willingness to share the load. Let’s remind her that her well-being is just as important as everyone else’s. 

To all the moms out there, your strength, resilience, and unconditional love shape the world in ways both seen and unseen. This Mother's Day, embrace the gift of self-compassion and allow yourself to prioritize your needs guilt-free. You are worthy of rest, rejuvenation, and moments of pure joy. And if you're a mom reading this, why not send it to your partner as a gentle hint for Mother's Day? Happy Mother's Day to our superheroes!


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