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Rhymes to Rock Your Routine

So you've brought Storytime into your home but you're looking to take it to the next level, we've got a game-changing tip for you – rhyming songs! Adding catchy tunes to your storytime routine not only infuses energy but also contributes to language development in a fun and interactive way. 

Benefits of Rhyming Songs for Storytime:

Memory Building: The combination of catchy tunes and rhyming words is a memory-building powerhouse. As your little ones sing along, the rhythm and repetition make it easier for them to remember information and pick up new words and concepts.

Interactive Fun with Actions: Rhyming songs open the door to a world of interactive fun. Adding simple actions or movements to the songs not only keeps your kids engaged but also enhances their motor skills. From clapping to wiggling, these movements create a dynamic and lively atmosphere during storytime.

Routine Reinforcement: Kids thrive on routine, and incorporating rhyming songs with instructions on how to sit, listen, or participate helps set the tone for the entire storytime. This routine-building aspect extends beyond story sessions, creating a positive impact on other daily events like movie nights or presentations. With rhyming songs as cues, transitions become smoother, and the overall experience becomes more enjoyable for both parents and kids alike.

Need a fun rhyme to incorporate into your storytime routine at home? Check out our Storytime Rhyme below to invite consistency and help prepare kids for a focused and calm storytelling experience.

Play Abby Storytime Rhyme

Hands go up

Hands go down

I can turn myself around

I can stand up on one shoe

I can listen, so can you

I can sit, I’ll show you how

Storytime is starting... NOW!

Say the rhyme together or have them repeat after you. Even better, when the kids are familiar with the rhyme, have them lead and you repeat!

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